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It is a time of reflection and new considerations. We are even more aware of the time has been given us to make dreams come true. ‘I would like to have a house in Spain, live more outdoors, greenery, thin mountain air, salty sea breeze…’ Suddenly, that wish now comes much closer very easily.

Then comes the moment when that dream meets practical obstacles. Knowledge of the market, the right contacts, these are qualifications you will find with us. Buying a house abroad requires careful coordination between the client, the builder, the bank. It requires a knowledge of regulations, financing that is unfamiliar and full of regulations. The people at LOEMAS will take that worry off your hands.

'You never
redeem dreams
too early'

No matter the age: quality of time is the key to our happiness. Whatever you do, wherever you are, your surroundings should honor your demand to the fullest.

That is the dream: to live in an environment that honors you and energies you. Not only the home you live in: but also the area you will be part of. The people behind LOEMAS share your focus on the pleasing side of life. The more good life comes naturally with the spot: Dénia offers all that you need to enjoy life to the fullest.

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project La Siesta

The sale of La Siesta is well underway!

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LOEMAS has several properties in their offering. Some are already available to the market, and some are still in the development phase. Take a look at the different properties here!

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