Real estate investment

Real estate investment? At Loemas your dreams become reality


Sold – Dénia La Siesta Fase 1 – type A


SOLD – Dénia La Siesta Fase 1 – Chalet type B


SOLD – Dénia La Siesta Fase 1 – Chalet type A

Dénia La Siesta Fase 2 – type D

From €299.000

Dénia La Siesta Fase 2 – type C

From € 199.000

Dénia La Siesta Fase 2 – type B

From € 189.000

Loemas helps you invest in real estate


Make your dream come true and choose the beautiful and sunny Real Estate Costa Blanca. We offer various properties and chalets in Costa Blanca. make your dreams come true!

Costa Blanca

With the help of our knowledge, contacts and qualifications, you can buy a house in Costa Blanca without any practical obstacles


Buying a house abroad requires careful coordination between the client, the builder and the bank. It requires knowledge of regulations, financing that is unknown and full of regulations. Loemas will help you with this

Real Estate investment

loemas helps you with real estate investment. We have the right supplies to complete the process of purchasing a home abroad. We have real estate in the Costa Blanca?

Luxury real estate in Costa Blanca Spain

Do you want to invest in real estate? And do you prefer to do this in a luxury home abroad? At Loemas your dream becomes reality. You can invest in a new home with us from €169,000. Our properties are refurbished properties in the Costa Blanca, located in Spain. We offer properties in Alicante, but you can also invest in the lesser-known town of Dénia. In short: investing in real estate has never been easier at Loemas.



Located on Spain’s beautiful Mediterranean coast, Alicante is a destination that is attracting the attention of real estate investors around the world. With its pleasant climate, beautiful beaches and cultural heritage, Alicante has a lot to offer, making it an attractive location for real estate investments.


Denia has a rich history, including the historic Denia Castle and the Museo Etnológico, which offers cultural investment opportunities. The property offering ranges from apartments with sea views to exclusive villas, giving investors flexibility.

loemas offers you a physical or virtual tour of the real estate

Are you curious about what Loemas real estate has to offer you? We would like to invite you to take a tour of our real estate in the Costa Blanca. We understand that it is not always possible to do a physical tour of our real estate. For that reason you have the option to request a virtual tour from us. We guide you through the properties from Alicante or Dénia.

how does the real estate investment process work?

The pursuit of owning a home in the picturesque Costa Blanca, you may encounter practical challenges. Loemas is here to transform your dream into real estate investment. We offer market expertise and invaluable contacts, simplifying the complex process of buying property abroad.

Our committed team takes care of the coordination among you, construction professionals, and financial institutions. We expertly navigate the complex landscape of regulations and financing, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free experience. With LOEMAS at your side, concerns regarding international property acquisitions are alleviated, enabling you to concentrate on transforming your dream into a reality bathed in sunshine.

Questions about real estate investing?

Do you have any further questions about investing in real estate at Loemas? For example about our properties in Alicante or Dénia? Our team is ready to answer all your questions. You can contact us via email. We do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible, so that we can make your dream come true as quickly as possible!

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