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The history
of Loemas

Loemas is a property developer originally from The Hague. We have been focusing on real estate in the Costa Blanca for several years now. Loemas examines existing buildings from an architectural point of view, buys them and ‘tackles’ them with a solid Dutch plan.

Construction, use of sustainable materials, eye for the surroundings, compatibility with local municipal wishes, that is Loemas. We have a mission: making things more beautiful and preserving what can be preserved.

Loemas' team

Wim Weltevrede

Managing Partner

Johan Hofman

Investor and Managing Partner

Gonzalo Valdes

Director Investments

core values

We believe that we can activate our experience, dreams and wishes and realize a better environment for those who seek it.

We are a customer-oriented partner in which we improve and enhance existing homes, in close relationship with nature, local culture and traditions.
We aim to share long term happiness and combine social, natural and financial wellbeing with our clients, as well as the local population.

‘A better social, natural and financial environment for those who seek it’

Previous project Jesus Pobre

A set of 16 townhouses, situated in the heart of Costa Blanca, are delivered turn-key, and have been available for sale starting September 2020. The three-bedroom townhouses have been optimized to the most modern regional standards. All townhouses, beautifully located in mid-nature, enjoy the comfort of a private garden or terrace, a shared swimming pool and a large underground private garage. All townhouses have been acquired.

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