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Sold – Dénia La Siesta Fase 1 – type A


SOLD – Dénia La Siesta Fase 1 – Chalet type B


SOLD – Dénia La Siesta Fase 1 – Chalet type A

Dénia La Siesta Fase 2 – type D

From €299.000

Dénia La Siesta Fase 2 – type C

From € 199.000

Dénia La Siesta Fase 2 – type B

From € 189.000

Properties for sale in Alicante:
What can you expect?

Extensive Property Portfolio

Our extensive property portfolio in Alicante offers a diverse range of options, including apartments, villas, townhouses, and more. We have something to suit every taste and requirement, ensuring you’ll find your dream property with us.

Local Insights, Global Expertise

Benefit from our local expertise and global experience when searching for properties in Alicante. Our team’s deep knowledge of the region, market trends, and investment opportunities will empower you to make informed decisions.

Personalized Guidance Throughout

We provide personalized guidance throughout the entire property purchase process. From legal advice and financing options to post-sale support, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Trust and Transparency

Trust and transparency are at the core of our values. We pride ourselves on providing honest and reliable information, enabling successful real estate transactions in Alicante. Your trust in us is our greatest asset.

Why choose properties in Alicante

We have several properties for sale in Alicante. Purchasing a property has never been easier with the help of our expertise and contacts!

What do properties for sale in Alicante look like

Do you want to invest in real estate Costa Blanca? We have various properties for sale in Alicante. Alicante is a beautiful city located on the east coast of Spain. Besides the fact that Alicante is a beautiful city, Alicante is also known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture and rich history.

When purchasing a house abroad, many practical obstacles arise. Loemas has the right contacts, knowledge of the market and qualifications. With this we can help you realize your dream.

In addition to our beautiful property options in Alicante, we also offer an extensive range of properties in Dénia. Denia is a charming coastal town on the Costa Blanca, not far from Alicante.


Make your dreams come true

Do you dream of living in beautiful Alicante? Or do you simply want to invest in a new home abroad? Make your dreams come true in Alicante. We offer various properties in this beautiful and sunny city.

Renovated properties

The properties for sale in Alicante have been renovated. These homes have been modernized and have beautifully furnished spaces. Including a bedroom, living room, bathroom and more.

Properties for sale in Alicante: physical tour or virtual tour

Are you interested in properties for sale in Alicante? We can imagine that you would like to tour your future new home as soon as possible. If you are in the area, we would like to invite you for a physical tour. You can also opt for a virtual tour!

Physical Tours, as their name implies, entail fully immersing yourself in the local surroundings. During these tours, you’ll have the opportunity to personally explore various properties, interact with real estate agents, and genuinely experience the neighborhoods. This choice is ideal if you are already located in the Costa Blanca region or have the means to conveniently travel there.

On the other hand, Virtual Tours offer you the convenience of remotely exploring properties. These tours provide immersive visuals and interactive experiences, enabling you to inspect Costa Blanca real estate from a distance. This option is particularly beneficial if you cannot be physically present in Costa Blanca or if you want to efficiently narrow down your options before embarking on your journey.

Whether you decide on Physical Tours, Virtual Tours, or a combination of both, your ultimate goal remains consistent: to discover your perfect piece of real estate in Costa Blanca, nestled within this captivating region of Spain.

Properties for sale in Alicante: purchase process

In your pursuit of owning a home in the picturesque Alicante region, you may encounter practical challenges. LOEMAS is here to transform your dream into reality. We offer market expertise and invaluable contacts, simplifying the complex process of buying property abroad.

Our dedicated team handles the coordination between you, builders, and financial institutions. We navigate the unfamiliar territory of regulations and financing, ensuring a seamless experience. With LOEMAS, your worries about overseas property purchases in Alicante are put to rest, allowing you to focus on turning your dream into a sun-soaked reality.


If you have any further questions about the properties in Alicante, do not avoid contacting us by email. Our reliable team is ready to answer all your questions and provide you with the information you need to discover your real estate dreams. Please send an email to us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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