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The Costa Blanca is a highly sought-after destination for people of diverse nationalities looking to purchase properties, especially apartments and villas for sale in Javea and Dénia.

Among the interested buyers are British, Dutch, German, French, Belgian, Polish and even Spanish individuals from various regions of Spain. Apart from this, northern Europeans also desire to invest in the fantastic location that Spanish homeowners enjoy daily. As a result, the demand for properties on the Costa Blanca has increased significantly, leading to a scarcity of real estate for sale. Due to the limited supply, the housing market is experiencing rising prices.

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Three important on the investor’s shortlist. Value is a combination of location, quality and interest. These three all come together in the choice of DÉNIA. Dénia, the pearl of the Costa Blanca, has been a treasured destination for people who love the good life.  
Dénia succeeds in keeping its identity, and its culture remains open, friendly and welcoming. This makes Dénia a perfect setting for those who seek a well deserved return on investment. Let us introduce you to the possibilities of becoming part of this rewarding location!