Gonzalo Valdes

Director Investments
''We don't just sell bricks, we sell an experience’'

‘Real estate, resorts, land, golf courses, developing them, that’s my professional background. A world where money is important, but – as crazy as it sounds – that doesn’t mean everything. Spain offers an interesting investment climate, money is often not the problem, but we look emphatically at ‘how are we going to sell and to whom?’


Loemas offers exclusivity, and thus looks for investors who want to create something special with us. Collaboration, thinking together, are key words for us, and can be seen in the entire strategy, in every step of the process, in every project. There is a strong marketing idea: we sell houses… yes. Houses, however, are bricks and mortar. What we offer is an experience, in terms of architectural style, subtropical landscaping, the overall greenery, we pay attention to the existing urban environment, offer exclusivity. My job is to explore those components and find matching projects. ‘Where can we put our Loemas stamp on it’? Is the central question. Because you can buy anything, there is a big market, we stay focused on how a project fits our vision. La Siesta in Denia shows our style.Every project should emphatically reflect that we are doing something good with money invested. With which the sequel, the build finish, automatically throws our message into the ether: something is happening here; something beautiful, something sustainable is being built here.

Loemas targets an audience that looks for experience: can my children play safely here, is it nice to be outside with friends, is it environmentally friendly, are we adding something to the planet? We introduce people to other ways of development. We can grow fast, but that is not our choice, the long term is what counts for Loemas. What we show now is a small part of what we can do, the growth will be visible in distinctive development in the coming years.

Wanting different, being able to do different. That was my message when I switched from Sareb to Loemas. Building in that context turned out to be fully in line with the vision of partners Wim Weltevrede and Johan Hofman. Target number one: build a distinctive, exclusive portfolio. Once you have determined that, only then do you start burning and selling.

A balanced approach is very important, especially in Spain. The real estate market was too unstable in banking terms, which became apparent after the crisis years 15 years ago. We too do not know what the future will show. Wars, inflation, interest rate policy, the market is subject to many external and violent factors. However, what is stable is the huge supply of unfinished new construction in Spain, the just more favourable interest rates here, a good investment climate, a beautiful green region.

You cannot pay for everything as an investor, some things are not for sale: our mentality, the enthusiasm within our company, the actions we take, they are free added values. That is my conviction, and the Loemas approach. I dare the adventure here. Because I see that we have a solid organisation. Which we will now expand further, with a weighted and balanced approach. That’s the strategy my father used to use; he regularly spoke the words: ‘Before you run, you have to learn to walk. ‘ Exactly, that’s it. This is the time for Loemas and for the investor who wants more.

We are developing a long-term portfolio consisting of three components. We develop 60% short term projects like Jésus Pobre and La Siesta, with quality and sustainability high on the agenda. We also invest30% in projects that really show who we are, projects built entirely in our style, authentic Spanish, high quality. Johan and Wim are both men who know very well that real Spanish attracts a distinct audience. You can call it Spanish Romanticism, I say exclusivity, Spanish architecture, with an eye for and fitting in with the surroundings.

The remaining ten per cent of our investment palette is the ten per cent that takes time… but can make a lot of money: so-called non-performing loans. We always communicate our strategy and our upcoming projects briefly and quickly with our clients. Also during construction. Because we actually see our investors as partners, at Loemas.