Wim Weltevrede

Managing Partner
''Good business contacts and knowledge of the market make success''

‘Loemas is an innovative property developer, especially when you look at our projects in Spain. After ground-breaking building initiatives in the Netherlands, we saw opportunities in Spain five years ago. The Spanish real estate market was completely open, after the economic and banking crisis. Free fall may be a big word, but it was close.’


Loemas’ vision is in a few words: work with existing housing stock, renovate luxuriously to Dutch building standards and thus realise sustainable appartments and villas. Our method in itself is already sustainable, because: why build new and neglect existing half-completed projects? Thus, we are contributing on two fronts: creating living space and improving the urban structure. The latter promotes our contacts with the municipal authorities. Denia and the municipal administration, where La Siesta is now being built, are very cooperative.

But what distinguishes Loemas as a real estate developer? First of all, our knowledge of this beautiful green enclave, our contacts, our extensive network, but also: solid Dutch building combined with luxury and authentic details. We don’t just add, we insert. Our projects fit seamlessly into the surroundings, breathing Spanish style and culture. An essential component, we obviously notice with investors, is our network. Denia, Javea, Jésus Pobre in Spain, these are municipalities we work and have worked with, and value cooperation proves successful for all parties. As managing partner, I see the continued use of a permanent team as an added value. The knowledge of the files, both internal and external, remains in the same hands; this continuity proves itself. We learn from mistakes. By working with the same architects, lawyers, designers, points for improvement become action points. This creates a smoothly functioning machinery. This organisation allows the two partners of Loemas Investments to concentrate on: finding locations, seeing opportunities, seizing opportunities, making purchases. Certainly the opportunities at Sareb, a semi-government institution, with which we have a good business relationship, are valuable.

It is not easy for foreign investors to get a foot in the door at Sareb. Our initiatives and cooperation with Sareb have grown, Sareb sees Loemas as a solid and reliable partner. This creates opportunities, think of the direct contacts with receivers and the big investment funds, such as Fortress and Cerberus. Fifteen years ago, money was lent too easily in Spain. A club of friends could relaxedly say to each other: ‘I have some land, shall we build?’ The Spanish banks at the time, very quickly came up with large sums of money. Without conditions. That was followed by the banking crisis, and in Spain that resulted in a large, half-finished, building stock. With thousands of houses on the scaffold, and as many bankruptcies, the Spanish government had no choice but to intervene in the OG market. Spain did so by initiating the unique Sareb system. Sareb’s job: to support the financial sector by taking over so-called bad loans and financially fragile projects.

Sareb then markets these, but certainly not always accessible to foreign investors there. A very interesting market for us; the business contacts and clear cooperation with Sareb are becoming increasingly visible in our portfolio.We expect growth there in the future.In a market that is difficult to access. ‘Pats!’ Is the oft-used expression at Loemas for: that stands, and fits within our vision.

Loemas is a relatively young company, we are proud of our approach and growth. Unbridled expansion of our housing offer is not number one. Quality, luxury finishing, sustainability, connection with the local culture, with governments and the local community, are our priority.By developing projects such as Jésus Pobre and La Siesta, we show that. Setting up careful structures with banks, investors, brokers, architects, builders, contractors, in short, a solidly built network is the basis of Loemas. Invest consciously, invest in quality, invest sustainably. Loemas.